RFR: 8152491: Convert TracePageSizes to use UL

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Wed Apr 6 18:16:53 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Please review to convert TracePageSizes to use UL.


TracePageSizes used to be a develop flag, but I've decided to create a 
UL tag accessible from release builds. We've recently needed to debug 
some large pages code and wanted this information in release builds.

Changes in the patch:

1) Replaced TracePageSizes with the 'pagesizes' UL tag
2) Cleaned up the memory region description strings
3) Used B/K/M/G suffixes when the size is exactly divisible by those
4) Removed trace_gen_sizes, since the output was too obscure to be that 
5) Added tracing for Serial and CMS
6) Fixed a jtreg test that verified the output from TracePageSizes

Example output from 'java -Xlog:pagesizes -Xmx512m -XX:+UseLargePages 

[0.018s][info][pagesizes] CodeHeap 'non-nmethods':  min=2496K max=8M 
base=0x00007fd735000000 page_size=4K size=8M
[0.018s][info][pagesizes] CodeHeap 'profiled nmethods':  min=2496K 
max=116M base=0x00007fd735800000 page_size=4K size=116M
[0.018s][info][pagesizes] CodeHeap 'non-profiled nmethods': min=2496K 
max=116M base=0x00007fd73cc00000 page_size=4K size=116M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Heap:  min=8M max=512M base=0x00000000e0000000 
page_size=2M size=512M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Block Offset Table: req_size=1M 
base=0x00007fd6d5fe1000 page_size=4K alignment=4K size=1M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Card Table: req_size=1M 
base=0x00007fd6d5de1000 page_size=4K alignment=4K size=1M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Card Counts Table: req_size=1M 
base=0x00007fd6d5ce1000 page_size=4K alignment=4K size=1M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Prev Bitmap: req_size=8M 
base=0x00007fd6d5400000 page_size=2M alignment=2M size=8M
[0.056s][info][pagesizes] Next Bitmap: req_size=8M 
base=0x00007fd6d4c00000 page_size=2M alignment=2M size=8M

The patch uses the LogStreamCHeap from the following patch that is out 
for review:

Tested with JPRT and new internal VM test for the suffixes.

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