RFR(XS): 8138607: gc/g1/mixedgc/TestLogging.java - G1 Evacuation Pause missing from output

Kirill Zhaldybin kirill.zhaldybin at oracle.com
Fri Apr 15 13:58:00 UTC 2016


Thank you for reviewing the fix!

The test is designed to  create a situation when Mixed GC should happen 
for sure. The fact of Mixed GC is checked by gc log analysis. The test 
failed previously because under some circumstances an unexpected Full GC 

The test starts CMC by itself (WB.g1StartConcMarkCycle();)
So, to be more deterministic IHOP is set to 100 to avoid CMC initiated 
by GC, not by the test.

Regards, Kirill

> Kirill,
> Isn't the problem that you don't get a mixed GC in the test?  So
> the change is to prevent a concurrent marking cycle which
> would prevent mixed GC's?  I don't understand.
> Jon

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