RFR (XXS): 8152400: Enabling TASK_STATS_ONLY filters out just enabled messages anyway

Thomas Schatzl thomas.schatzl at oracle.com
Tue Mar 22 20:05:27 UTC 2016

Hi all,

  can I have reviews for the following one-liner?

If you enable TASK_QUEUE_STATS for a product build for analysis, you
can't immediately use them. You also need to change another line of
code from log_develop_is_enabled() to log_is_enabled().

This seems strange: if I want the task queue stats, I surely intend to
use it, and since that latter condition only filters out the printing
itself, the overhead has already been incurred anyway.

This change changes the log_develop_is_enabled() check to
log_is_enabled() to avoid an additional round of changes after noticing
that task queue stats are not printed.

There is no difference in performance for product builds, as the whole
code is compiled out, in non-product builds there is an extra trivial
condition to be checked per gc. I do not think this is noticeable at

local testing, local building


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