RFC: JEP - ZGC: A Scalable Low-Latency Garbage Collector

Kirk Pepperdine kirk at kodewerk.com
Mon May 7 12:20:36 UTC 2018

> On May 7, 2018, at 1:39 PM, Per Liden <per.liden at oracle.com> wrote:
> On 05/07/2018 09:52 AM, Kirk Pepperdine wrote:
>> I believe that there is a combination of both of these ideas from IBM and the Sun collectors that might eliminate the need for compaction leaving a pause time this bound either by TTSP or scan for roots time, which ever is greater. I’m wondering if anything like this has been discussed.
> Pause times in ZGC are already bound by TTSP and root scanning. And large objects are never moved.

Interesting, have you considered allocating large objects away from smaller ones or is this also the case with ZGC?

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