RFR (S) 8215724: Epsilon: ArrayStoreExceptionTest.java fails; missing arraycopy check

Aleksey Shipilev shade at redhat.com
Tue Jan 8 18:48:58 UTC 2019

On 1/8/19 6:30 PM, Leo Korinth wrote:
> I guess you tried to use the already existing test (ArrayStoreExceptionTest.java) before you created
> the new test. What was the reason for not using it in the end? I would rather like that you tried to
> use the old test case, I believe it would improve overall testing and maintainability.

I prefer to have a targeted test that would test check-casted arraycopy for interpreter, C1 and C2
barrier sets, see the @run clauses there. It is in line with other Epsilon tests. It is also
specially crafted to work with Epsilon, e.g. it does not allocate all that much.

Plus it would run in tier1 without any additional testing options. ArrayStoreExceptionTest would
require running with TEST_VM_OPTS or such.

> Also, there is a slight misleading comment on the #endif in barrierSet.inline.hpp, maybe instead use
> the style #endif // pragma once ;-)

I read the entire discussion about #pragma once (JDK-8216022), and it seems there is no consensus
yet about using it, and also there are reports that some compilers people use are not supporting it.
So, I fixed the comment instead. I hope Coleen has the script that does #pragma-once-ing, so it can
catch the new file!

Updated webrev:

webrev.01 passed jdk-submit, and there are no code changes in webrev.02, only fixed comment.


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