RFR (S): JDK-8004967 - Default method cause java.lang.VerifyError: Illegal use of nonvirtual function call

Bharadwaj Yadavalli bharadwaj.yadavalli at oracle.com
Wed Jan 23 15:01:43 PST 2013

On 1/18/2013 5:07 PM, Coleen Phillimore wrote:
> As I noted in the code comments, I am just  performing an additional 
> access flag check in the old verifier (which can also be potentially 
> added in new verifier).
> I wouldn't add the additional access flag check in the old verifier.   
> It doesn't add any extra security, and relies on an implementation 
> detail in the VM that is easily changed.   It probably will be 
> changed.  I would omit this access flag check (still check that it's a 
> generated method of course).

OK. Removed additional checks as suggested and updated the webrev.

Please review the updated changes at 

Hotspot tree changes : 
JDK tree changes : 

>>> I think you have to file a CCC request to add this function.
>> What are the criteria to file for a CCC? What are the circumstances 
>> under which one needs to be filed?
> Changing an API is probably good enough to warrant a CCC request. I'll 
> send you how to do it (just found it).

I filed for a ccc request.



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