RFR(XL): 8167108 - SMR and JavaThread Lifecycle

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Mon Oct 9 19:41:24 UTC 2017


We have a (eXtra Large) fix for the following bug:

8167108 inconsistent handling of SR_lock can lead to crashes

This fix adds a Safe Memory Reclamation (SMR) mechanism based on
Hazard Pointers to manage JavaThread lifecycle.

Here's a PDF for the internal wiki that we've been using to describe
and track the work on this project:


Dan has noticed that the indenting is wrong in some of the code quotes
in the PDF that are not present in the internal wiki. We don't have a
solution for that problem yet.

Here's the webrev for current JDK10 version of this fix:


This fix has been run through many rounds of JPRT and Mach5 tier[2-5]
testing, additional stress testing on Dan's Solaris X64 server, and
additional testing on Erik and Robbin's machines.

We welcome comments, suggestions and feedback.

Daniel Daugherty
Erik Osterlund
Robbin Ehn

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