Improving AppCDS for Custom Loaders

yumin qi yumin.qi at
Thu May 10 20:20:21 UTC 2018

Hi, Jiangli

  Thanks for the info.

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 11:39 AM, Jiangli Zhou <jiangli.zhou at>

> Hi Yumin and Volker,
> I’ve create an umbrella RFE JDK-8202854 to keep track this effort. New
> sub-RFEs will be created and targeted for specific JDK releases when each
> sub-item matures. Please refer to JDK-8202854 for future progress.
> Yumin, please see below for comments/questions.
> > Agree not including objects in java heap at now --- thanks Jiangli for
> answering my question in other thread.
I conclude from above that you are not using java heap object archiving due
> to different GC algorithm being used(?).  I would like to understand more
> about your GC choices. Could you please provide more information on that?
> G1 GC is the default GC in JDK. Thanks to our GC team, the performance of
> G1 has been consistently improving over the recent JDK releases, especially
> in JDK 9 and 10. I strongly encourage you to do performance
> measurement/comparison and reevaluate your GC choice if G1 is not used.

Most of our applications still using CMS, we  are pushing to switch to G1GC
at this time but still most of them still with CMS. I know CMS will be
removed so it will not be your focus.

> >   I think for #1, it does not conflict with the two layer archive
> solution. We can skip the classes from base CDS archive, only dump the
> non-base loaded classes into second archive, this gives one more option for
> user to choose. Also it will be good after dump archive to let the
> application continue to run.
> >
> >   Can we do a Full GC before dump at exit? it may unload not referenced
> classes, or it is not necessary since CDS wants to resolve the startup
> performance for all loaded classes?
> For classes loaded by the builtin loaders, they can be kept alive when
> archiving phase start. For classes loaded by user defined class loaders, we
> also need to prevent them from being unloaded before archiving. I have a
> preliminary idea for how to do that. I can share more information on that
> when it matures.
Yes, if classes with custom class loader cleaned, the class loader itself
will be purged. Full GC before exit may not be a good idea, but we can skip
unloading classes --- in case dump objects in java heap.



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