<i18n dev> Unicode Public Review Issues: the clock is ticking

Tom Christiansen tchrist at perl.com
Wed Apr 13 19:42:28 PDT 2011

I wonder whether anyone here has considered the Unicode matters currently
up for public review, and how they do or do not impact Java.   Their closing
dates are coming up on us quickly, and several of them definitely bear discussion:


    No. Title                                                           Closing Date
    177 Proposed Update UTS #46: Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing  2011.05.02
    178 Collation Rules for Non-Latin Scripts in Unicode CLDR           2011.05.02
    179 Changes to Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines                2011.05.02
    180 Addition of Address Form Data to Unicode CLDR                   2011.04.26
    181 Changing General Category of Twelve Characters                  2011.05.02
    182 Proposed Update UTS #18: Unicode Regular Expressions            2011.05.06

At the very least, PRI numbers 179 and 182 have several aspects that 
seem relevant to Java.  Has anyone else investigated these?  Shall I 
launch a discussion thread that summarizes my findings on these?


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