JSR 269 MR for Java SE 10 (and 11)

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Fri Jan 12 19:27:34 UTC 2018

When running through our usual pre-release checklists, we spotted 
something that had slipped under the radar.

There are updates to JSR 269 (javax.lang.model) in every version of Java 
SE (at a very minimum, to add a new enum constant to the SourceVersion 
enum.)  These changes are made to the current release through the usual 
OpenJDK and JCP processes.  To benefit applications that want to run 
against a range of platform versions and who are unable to use the specs 
under GPL terms, we then also produce an MR of the standalone JSR 269 to 
capture the changes. We then incorporate the JSR 269 spec by reference 
into the platform spec.

For 10 and 11, we followed that process, but failed to note JSR 269 in 
the Contributions section of the JSR document for JSR 383 (and 384).

Java SE had five spec changes that affected the contents of JSR 269.  
The CSRs for these changes are here (they've been on the CSR dashboard 
all along):


The MR for 269 (now in flight) will capture the spec changes above.

We want to add the MR of JSR 269 to the list of JSRs incorporated by 
reference into Java SE 10.  This has no effect on the content of the 
release; all the changes in the MR (and the underlying JSR) are already 
present in the Java SE 10 specs.  The only change is the list of JSRs 
incorporated by reference.

We'll want to do the same thing in 11 as well.  (It is also possible 
that JSR 199 (which is treated similarly, but doesn't necessarily 
produce changes for every version) may have changes in 11 that will be 
handled this way.)

If anyone has any questions or concerns, let me know.  (There's really 
nothing new here, other than retroactively checking a box.)

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