JSR 386 (Java SE 12) Specification -- DRAFT 17 / PR DRAFT

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Mon Oct 29 21:30:01 UTC 2018


An updated draft of the Specification is available here:


This draft includes the following changes:

    - Spec, new Section 8 "APIs removed":  Add File{In,Out}putStream.finalize()

    - Spec, Section 9 "APIs proposed for removal": Remove
      File{In,Out}putStream.finalize(); add params to methods
    - Annexes 1 and 2: Updates based on build 17

DRAFT 17 is designated as the PR DRAFT:


The only difference between DRAFT 17 and the PR DRAFT is the changed subtitle
from "Specification -- DRAFT 17" to "Public Review Specification -- DRAFT".
I anticipate submission the PR to the PMO later this week with publication
next week.

Links to the JEP/CSR Dashboards, latest Specification, latest JavaDoc API and
diffs, and latest RI binaries may be found on this page:


As always, feedback on this and other work in progress is welcome.


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