Scheduling regular meetings

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Mon Sep 17 12:53:14 UTC 2018

Happy to adjust the frequency as needed.  Feedback that I’ve gotten in the past is that these meetings are useful and desired, but quarterly might not be optimal, so we can adjust as needed.

> On Sep 17, 2018, at 4:00 AM, Tim Ellison <Tim_Ellison at> wrote:
> That sounds ok - though we should have some idea of what we'll be 
> discussing
> in these meetings, as it may be that any issues raised so infrequently may
> be more disruptive than productive.  So knowing if these are 
> informational,
> or working meetings, etc. will dictate how frequently we should meet.
> As for the preferred days, please avoid Friday otherwise I'll figure it 
> out.
> Regards,
> Tim
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>> I have been pretty bad about scheduling conference calls.  So, let's try 
>> this: let's try to do a quarterly conference call, which will give us 
>> two calls per release window, say Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct. Let's try to settle 
>> on a deterministic schedule (i.e., 9A ET second Monday of those months), 
>> and then we can get them on a calendar rather than running a time poll 
>> for each one.
>> Please send me (privately is fine) any general constraints (times/days 
>> that are known good / known bad in general) and I'll try to propose some 
>> options in the intersection of gathered constraints that we can haggle 
>> over.
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