EG Meeting Minutes: Mon 7 Oct 2019

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I've attached minutes for our meeting 7 Oct.

Please provide updates to this thread as necessary.

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Java SE 14 (JSR 389)
Expert Group minutes: 2019/10/07

Attendees: Brian Goetz (Oracle), Tim Ellison (IBM), Iris Clark (Oracle, minutes)

The intent of these minutes is to capture the conversational flow of the
discussion and to record any decisions and follow-up items.

- Oracle CodeOne 2019
- Meeting frequency

Oracle CodeOne 2019

The meeting began with Tim and Brian making a few observations about the
recent [Oracle CodeOne][codeone19] conference in September.  Tim noted that
there appeared to be less emphasis on Java.  He thought that Java should be
more visible, similar to the conferences of past years.  Brian said that
the shift in the release cadence (releases every 6 months) has been good for
product delivery; however, it was not great for conferences as frequent
releases meant that there were minimal opportunities for major announcements.


Meeting frequency

Brian wondered whether things were proceeding smoothly enough to move all
discussions to the mailing list.  He categorized all of the agenda items from
past meetings as follows.  Meetings always contained brief status for the
in-progress JSRs.  Earlier meetings contained a number of discussions
explaining existing policies and processes (e.g. EG dashboards for JEPs and
CSRs, preview features, incubator modules, build artifacts, and bundle
organization). There was also some discussion about new features and policies.
Finally, there were also reviews of upcoming events such as JVMLS and OCW.

Given the current availability and quality of information, Tim agreed that
regular quarterly meetings were not necessary.  He suggested scheduling ad hoc
meetings for high-bandwidth topics as needed.  Brian requested recommendations
for the contents of status updates.  Tim said that he was happy with the
current information, particularly the [JEP14] and [CSR14] dashboards.  His
main concerns were around being able to develop an independent implementation
which meant his focus was on the quality of the specification and licensing.
>From his point of view, people had learned to navigate the various information
channels to collect the necessary information.

Brian reminded Tim of a discussion around preview features.  In early drafts
of [JSR 388][jsr388], this specification referenced documentation outside of
the JSR.  After discussion in the EG and consultation with the Specification
authors, JSR 388 was modified to include the specification directly (see
[Annex 3][jsr388a3]).  Tim noted that while the discussion did occur in an EG
meeting, the topic was  not provoked by the meeting and could have been
handled via e-mail.

In closing, Tim mentioned that he had observed an increase in adoption of
Jave SE 11 over the past 3-6 months.  Brian reported that he'd seen
a similar trend.  Speculation was that a critical number of libraries and
frameworks had transitioned to the later release and application writers were
discovering this and discovering that the port was both beneficial and


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