New Candidate JEP: 397 Sealed Classes (Second Preview)

Iris Clark iris.clark at
Thu Oct 29 23:50:54 UTC 2020

The following JEP with scope "SE" has been moved to the Candidate state:

  397: Sealed Classes (Second Preview)

  Summary: Enhance the Java programming language with sealed classes and
  interfaces. Sealed classes and interfaces restrict which other classes
  or interfaces may extend or implement them.

A JEP in the Candidate state is a feature deemed worthy of consideration by
the JDK Project, but with no commitment to deliver the feature in any
particular release of the JDK Project. Later, the JEP may be moved to the
Targeted state, which indicates that the feature is expected to appear in a
specific release of the JDK Project.  For more information about states, see
the JEP Process document:

A JEP with "SE" scope that reaches the Targeted state will be listed in the
Specification of the Java SE Platform JSR which corresponds to the targeted
JDK Project release.

A dashboard that lists JEPs with "SE" scope may be found via a link on this


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