[External] : Re: [ec] JSR 393 (Java SE 18) Specification -- DRAFT 28

Iris Clark iris.clark at oracle.com
Wed Dec 22 21:20:20 UTC 2021

Hi, Martijn.

Thanks for the feedback!  Now that JDK 18 development has forked [0], I don't expect too many changes in the JSR between now and PR.


[0]: https://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk/18/

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Hi Iris,

Had a read through, all looks good/clear.   I think the default charset change in 18 is sensible, and should give the ecosystem prep time before 21.


On Wed, 22 Dec 2021 at 05:13, Iris Clark <iris.clark at oracle.com<mailto:iris.clark at oracle.com>> wrote:

A draft of the Specification is available here:


This draft includes the following:

    - Spec, section 4 "Component JSR Specifications": MRs for 199 and 269 only

`   - Spec, section 5 "Features": New subsection "Preparing for
      removal of finalization" corresponding to JEP 421

    - Spec, section 7 "APIs removed": Add APIs corresponding to CSR 8273103

    - Spec, section 8 "APIS proposed for removal":
        o Remove APIs which were moved to section 7
        o Add APIs corresponding to JEP 421 and CSRs 8275529 and 8277987

    - Annexes 1 and 2: Updates based on build 28

    - Annex 3:
        o Add references to JEP 420

    - Annex 4 - 11:
        o Diffs for narrative specs (e.g. JAR File, Serialization, RMI) based
          on build 28

The next JCP milestone is PR, scheduled for January 2022.  As usual with
milestones, we'll take a snapshot of the current Specification (without
changebars) and submit it for publication.  I anticipate PR submission to the
PMO early January, for publication later that month.

Links to the JEP/CSR Dashboards, latest Specification, latest JavaDoc API and
diffs, and latest RI binaries may be found on this page:



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