Addition of JDBCTypes enum and SQLType interface

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Yes it appears to strip off attachments.  

I will be adding a web page for JDBC in the next week or so under core-libs with a specdiff of the changes  to date

On Dec 7, 2012, at 1:54 PM, Mark Rotteveel wrote:

> On 25-11-2012 21:39, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
>> Based on an earlier discussion with the JDBC EG, we are planning to add an additional set/updateObject which leverages a SQLType
>> The changes include the addition of  JDBCTypes enum and a SQLType interface which will be used for the new generic setObject.  This pattern is from Effective Java 2 and is used already in java.nio.file.  As an example see:
>> Files.copy(Path source, Path target, CopyOptions... options)
>> So we would have a signature similar to the following in PreparedStatement/CallableStatement:
>>  void setObject(int  columnIndex, Object x, SQLType type)
>>  void setObject(String columnLabel, Object x, SQLType type)
>> similar change would be added to ResultSet for updateObject
>> Attached is the javadocs for JDBCTypes and SQLType.
> It might be a limitation of the jdbc-spec-discuss mailinglist, but there
> were no javadocs attached to your message. Could you post them or publish them on an accessible location?
> Mark
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> Mark Rotteveel

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