Current specdiffs for JDBC 4.2

Douglas Surber douglas.surber at
Thu Dec 20 15:01:47 PST 2012

The name JDBCTypes doesn't work for me. First it is a plural noun. 
Generally classes are singular nouns unless the class specifically 
represents a group of things such as Properties. We do have a class 
Types, but it is just a group of static final ints. Second the 
elements are not types that "belong" to JDBC somehow. They are the 
ANSI SQL types. ANSIType would be better.

SQLType is the interface that spans all SQL types, ANSI and non-ANSI. 
ANSITypes would be the SQL types that are specified by the ANSI 
standard. If a vendor such as Oracle adds some additional types those 
would be listed in an enum named OracleType that implements SQLType. 
Further because the standard has java.sql.Types, Oracle has already 
added oracle.jdbc.OracleTypes. If the standard adds JDBCTypes, Oracle 
cannot use the parallel name since it is already used for another 


At 08:53 AM 12/18/2012, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
>Can be found at 
>  Currently 
>I am having issues pulling over the openjdk website to update so 
>from talking with Alan this made the most sense to do.
>There will be additional changes for 310 in which will add a couple 
>of methods to java.sql Date, Time, Timestamp to aid in moving 
>to/from LocalDate, LocalDateTime, LocalTime.   This will be done as 
>part of the 310 integration work.  When310 integration is done, 
>updates will also be added to and
>No support for SQL Interval or the 310 Period will happen in this 
>release as it is not a priority and we have to think it out more as 
>Period does not quite line up with what we need for SQL Interval 
>(and this is not a big priority from JDBC vendors)
>Additional minor cleanup and clarifications will probably happen in 
>some of the other methods before the end game as time permits
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