Stored procedure call escape ({call ...}) support

Mark Rotteveel mark at
Thu Jan 3 05:52:29 PST 2013

I am currently rewriting the JDBC escape implementation in Jaybird, and 
reviewing the implementation of CallableStatement related to the {call 
...} escape.

Currently I am wondering if I should support the call-escape in 
Statement and PreparedStatement as well. The current implementation in 
Jaybird does support this right now (probably accidentally given the 
current escape parser, and with some caveats), but it provides some 
challenges with regard to double or maybe even triple parsing the 
statement, which I could simply remove if I only need to support it in 

On the one hand only the CallableStatement javadoc 
mentions the call-escape, but on the other hand section 6.4 of JDBC 4.1 

"Support for calling stored procedures using the execute method on the 
Statement, PreparedStatement, and CallableStatement interfaces only 
requires that [..]"

Which to me seems to imply that {call ... } should also be supported on 
Statement and PreparedStatement. Is that assumption correct?

Also with regard to the {? = call ...} escape, is it allowed to extend 
this escape to support multiple output parameters (eg {?,?,? = call ...} 
or maybe {(?,?,?) = call ...} or should cases with multiple output 
parameters simply only be supported with the Firebird specific syntax?

Mark Rotteveel

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