Stored procedure call escape ({call ...}) support

Mark Rotteveel mark at
Thu Jan 3 08:44:11 PST 2013

On 3-1-2013 17:02, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
> the escape for call is supported on the various Statement objects.  However the level of functionality is limited based on the type of Statement that you use (return output parameters, set input parameters..etc)

Thanks for clarifying that. This unfortunately does mean that my rewrite 
requires a bit more effort to remove its existing inefficiencies :(.

I have the feeling that not a lot of people know this should be 
supported on Statement and PreparedStatement as well, and I think that 
it usually isn't implemented; if I can find the time, I will do a quick 
test with other JDBC implementations to see what they actually do.

>> Also with regard to the {? = call ...} escape, is it allowed to extend this escape to support multiple output parameters (eg {?,?,? = call ...} or maybe {(?,?,?) = call ...}
> no it is not allowed
>> or should cases with multiple output parameters simply only be supported with the Firebird specific syntax?
> yes as  Escape syntax is supposed to be generic not implementation specific



Mark Rotteveel

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