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Mark Rotteveel mark at
Thu Jan 3 11:39:56 PST 2013

On 3-1-2013 19:43, Lance Andersen - Oracle wrote:
> I pushed a revised version of the javadocs to

Good to see that JDBCType.valueOf(int) got included, thanks! The 
javadoc[1] is refering to instead of simply Types (or 
java.sql.Types), which is probably why the "See Also:" isn't hyperlinked.

PreparedStatement.setObject(int, Object, int) [2] and 
CallableStatement.setObject(int, Object, int) [3] "This method is 
similar setObject([..]) parameter, except [..]" => ".. is similar _to_ 
..". The addition of "parameter" after the link to setObject seems out 
of place.

The CallableStatement version of the javadoc links to 
PreparedStatement.setObject(int parameterIndex, Object x, int 
targetSqlType, int scaleOrLength), while CallableStatement has its own 
Javadoc for that method.

For PreparedStatement the text "; if a database access error occurs or 
this method is called on a closed PreparedStatement" has been removed 
from the throws SQLException documentation while it remains in place in 
all other similar methods. I think these are still the valid conditions 
for throwing SQLException here and should remain documented as such (as 
it remains on the CallableStatement version).

Similar comments apply to the equivalent javadocs for the methods 
accepting java.sql.SQLType instead of the int parameter [4],[5]


[1] :
[2] :,%20java.lang.Object,%20int)
[3] :,%20java.lang.Object,%20int)
[4] :,%20java.lang.Object,%20java.sql.SQLType)
[5] :,%20java.lang.Object,%20java.sql.SQLType)

Mark Rotteveel

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