Outmoded package name used in JDBC4.2MR-Oct232013.pdf (javax.time.* should be java.time.*)

Basil Bourque basil.bourque.lists at pobox.com
Fri Nov 29 23:50:23 PST 2013

In document JDBC4.2MR-Oct232013.pdf, some references to the old package name "javax.time.*" were not updated to the current "java.time.*" (no 'x' after "java").

All the problem occurrences are on page 10, items 21 and 22.

I first tried emailing to jsr221-comments at jcp.org is directed by the top of that PDF document. But the email bounced, saying: Recipient address
   rejected: User unknown in local recipient table

From my readings of your JSR 221 page, I believe this document is the current official document. My apologies if I'm bothering you about an outdated document. I'm new to the JCP.

--Basil Bourque

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