java.sql2 annotation usage

Philippe Marschall pm at
Mon Oct 23 07:17:11 UTC 2017

On 20.10.17 21:17, Lance Andersen wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> So we are all on the same page,  you are talking about using the 
>   Converter annotation which requires the class to  implement 
> AttributeConveter.
> This is fairly flexible.

Yes, what I'm saying if something like this is added then it should have 
access to the Result and be able to pass the value and type directly the 
operation rather than having to go through String.
In ojdbc terms it should be able to pass oracle.sql.Datum instances and 
JDBC types to the driver and get them from the driver rather than going 
through String.

> I can see a use case for  Hibernate UserTypes, but not sure I am 
> convinced that is a must for the initial release.

Personally I would be fine if mapping is completely left out and left to 
a higher level framework. If every driver has to implement mapping 
that's only an additional source of bugs and incompatibilities and more 
effort put on driver vendors.


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