github ADBA miror and ADBA artefact available for gradle projects

Frédéric Montariol frederic.montariol at
Wed Jun 13 21:01:05 UTC 2018

Hi there,

I am following with great interest the ADBA project, and started to play
with it recently.

I made a new github repository, which is simply a mirror from
jdk.incubator.adba sources : It
is under GPL2 licence, same as ADBA sources.

I plan to release new versions to my bintray repository, trying to keep it
as updated as possible (GPL2 licensed too).

It can be used for those who want to try ADBA in gradle projects :

repositories {
    maven { setUrl("") }

dependencies {

I plan to write a basic SQL database in Java, fully async (probably using
JDK Flow, NIO, ForkJoinPool...) with a ADBA async driver implementation.
It is here, with just a few initial commits :

Thanks for this nice API !


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