Updates to ADBA and AoJ

Mark Rotteveel mark at lawinegevaar.nl
Thu Jun 21 17:50:44 UTC 2018

On 21-6-2018 17:27, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> On 21-6-2018 16:59, Douglas Surber wrote:
>> AoJ
>>   https://orahub.oraclecorp.com/ora-jdbc-dev/adba-development
> This seems to be an internal Oracle URL. I think you mean
> https://github.com/oracle/oracle-db-examples/tree/master/java/AoJ
> I'll make sure the AoJ changes get integrated in the asyncjdbc 
> repository as well.

I have integrated the changes in asyncjdbc, see 

If anyone is interested in current javadocs (including ADBA) is linked 
from http://www.asyncjdbc.org/docs/

Mark Rotteveel

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