Updates to ADBA and AoJ

Mark Rotteveel mark at lawinegevaar.nl
Mon Jun 25 11:40:18 UTC 2018


On the asyncjdbc-dev mailing list, Alexander Kjäll pointed out that the 
Result.Column.forEach() fails to move the iterator forward, which means 
it results in an infinite loop.

You may want to consider not overriding the default method from the 
Iterable interface, but I think the mutable self-iteration causes 
problems here.

Related to that, I'm not entirely sure I like the fact that this is a 
self-iterating mutable. I fear that - especially in an asynchronous 
context - this can result in hard to diagnose bugs, also the fact that 
without explicit action this is only-once iterable maybe confusing as well.

Mark Rotteveel

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