Getting Array base type information from DatabaseMetaData

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Hi Dave,

There  indeed does not appear to be a way to return the actual type of the SQL Array via DatabaseMetaData.getColumns (most likely due to the lack of use of SQL Array at the time and it was an oversight).

 As to what could be done, we could repurpose the SOURCE_DATA_TYPE column or add a 25th column called ARRAY_TYPE.

It would probably be best to add the ARRAY_TYPE to the ResultSet returned from getColumns()


On Oct 1, 2021, at 9:12 AM, Dave Cramer <davecramer at<mailto:davecramer at>> wrote:


I'm looking at how to provide base type information for arrays from

getColumns has no way to return the base type. The best we can do is return

Seems to me this is a gap. Am I missing something?

Dave Cramer

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