New JDK development repositories

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Nov 1 15:21:16 UTC 2017

Thus far we've continued main-line development in the existing JDK 10
repositories.  This weekend, early on Sunday, 5 November UTC, we'll cut
over to the new JDK Project repositories, which will be here:     --  Main line  --  Client development      --  HotSpot development

These repositories will be initialized from the JDK 10 master, client,
and hs repositories, respectively.  (We're moving back to "jdk" as the
name of the main-line repository; "master" was a temporary name, needed
to establish the consolidated JDK 10 repository as distinct from the
previous main-line forest.)

The old repositories under will be made
read-only at 02:30 UTC on Sunday [1]; the new repositories should be
available a few hours later.  After that, you can change the default
pull and push paths of an existing clone of a JDK 10 repository via the
Mercurial defpath extension [2], passing it one of the above URLs.

If you subscribed to one or more of the jdk10-*-changes list(s) for
Mercurial notifications then you'll automatically be subscribed to the
corresponding jdk-*-changes list(s).

The jdk10/client and jdk10/hs repositories will eventually be deleted;
the jdk10/master repository will be retained, or else we'll set up an
HTTP redirect, so that old URLs continue to work.

- Mark


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