Proposal: Newer version-string scheme for the Java SE Platform and the JDK

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Nov 6 13:34:31 UTC 2017

On 02.11.2017 16:11, mark.reinhold at wrote:
> Here's a specific proposal, with commentary, and two questions.
> Summary: This is a time-based scheme, similar to alternative (C) in my
> earlier note [1][2] but even closer to the current scheme as defined in
> JEP 223 [3].  It's hence even less likely to surprise, and should be
> easier to adopt.

As mentioned in a different thread, it is currently not possible to include the
build id/number of a downstream build into the version information. I understand
that it should be possible to parse the upstream version, however not having the
possibility to include the downstream build version in some version information
makes it difficult to identify specific downstream builds.  Please could you add
the ability to include a version comment which is *literally* included in or
appended to the version information?

E.g. configuring GCC with --with-pkgversion='Ubuntu 7.2.0-8ubuntu3' results in

$ gcc --version
gcc (Ubuntu 7.2.0-8ubuntu3) 7.2.0

So you have the upstream version, and the id/distro version in the version string.

Thanks, Matthias

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