LTS for public releases

Kyle Moore moorek at
Tue Nov 7 18:37:52 UTC 2017

Hi everyone.

I was following the thread "Impact of six month releases" and was left
scratching my head after something pointed out by Kim Jensen's post.
Specifically, the Java SE Support Roadmap page:

The releases under "Java SE Public Updates" don't explicitly mention
any LTS releases, though these are clearly called out in the support
roadmap on the second table.

Call me crazy, but is the implication here that releases of Java SE
will not be publicly supported longer than six months? In the
open-source community, I struggle with the issues mentioned earlier
about backwards compatibility.

If I read and understood the roadmap correctly, the potential for
churn and compatibility issues created by the lack of a public LTS
release is deeply concerning.

Kyle Moore

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