Running and building with NetBeans: a plea for help

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Nov 15 16:29:42 UTC 2017

I've been trying to get the netbeans project at
jdk/make/jdk/netbeans/jdk working.  It all builds, but I can't get
tests to run.

Current output is:

ant -f /scratch/jdk/make/jdk/netbeans/j2se jtreg
/scratch/jdk/make/jdk/netbeans/common/shared.xml:266: No tests selected

I don't know what to do, and I've been puzzling for days.  If anyone
here uses netbeans and jtreg, please send me your (or
any other information) so I can try to figure out what I'm doing
wrong.  Thanks.

Andrew Haley
Java Platform Lead Engineer
Red Hat UK Ltd. <>
EAC8 43EB D3EF DB98 CC77 2FAD A5CD 6035 332F A671

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