CFV: New JDK Committer: John Paul Adrian Glaubitz

coleen.phillimore at coleen.phillimore at
Wed Nov 22 14:44:24 UTC 2017

I hereby nominate John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (glaubitz) to JDK Committer.

Adrian works for SUSE as a member of the Public Cloud Team but 
contributes patches to OpenJDK in his free time as an individual 
contributor. He enjoys working on various architectures that exist in 
Debian. He is working to reduce the necessary patches to get OpenJDK 
build on downstream distributions since this helps to relieve the 
maintenance burden of the OpenJDK maintainers in Debian and SUSE.  
Adrian has contributed 16 changes [3] to OpenJDK, primarily timely and 
appreciated Hotspot patches to fix the Zero interpreter on multiple 

Votes are due by December 6, 2017.

Only current JDK Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.

Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list. For 
Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].


[1] <>
[3] List of changes:
8191663: Zero variant broken after 8189170 and 8189871
8191333: Zero variant broken after 8189941
8190570: Zero fails to build on linux-sparc due undefined reference
8186578: Zero fails to build on linux-sparc due to sparc-specific code
8187590: Zero runtime can lock-up on linux-alpha
8186855: Multiple platforms broken after 8186476: Generalize Atomic::add 
with templates
8186723: Add SuperH as new architecture for linux
8186655: Identifier strings for PowerPC 64 LE and PowerPC 64 are swapped
8186443: Missing stdint.h for zero builds
8186786: Name collisions with autoconf definitions on alpha and sh
8186313: Additional platform definitions to support Zero builds
8186433: Compiler flag -arch=sparc should not be passed on linux-sparc
8186221: Define CPU search_string for M68K
8182165: The header atomic_linux_sparc.inline.hpp should be named 
8182164: checkByteBuffer has the wrong signature
8182163: Missing #include "logging/log.hpp" in vm_version_linux_sparc.cpp

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