HotSpot Serviceability Agent (SA) Survey

Stephen Fitch Stephen.Fitch at
Tue Apr 10 01:29:32 UTC 2018


( We had previously held this survey on serviceability-dev at,
   to expand the audience I've posted here and extended the response window )

The HotSpot Serviceability Agent (SA) is a set of APIs and tools for debugging 
HotSpot Virtual Machine and has been a part of the JVM/JDK for a long time, 
however we don't have a lot of data about how it is used in practice, especially 
outside of Oracle. Therefore, we have created an initial survey to gather more 
information and help us evaluate and understand how others are using it.

If you have used, or have (support) processes that utilize the Serviceability 
Agent or related APIs, then we would definitely appreciate if you would complete 
this survey:

We are specifically interested in your use-cases and how SA is effective for you 
in resolving JVM issues.

The survey will remain open through April 23rd. The results of the survey will 
be made public after the survey closes.

Regards, Stephen

  Java Platform Group - JVM - Sustaining Engineering


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