Submit repo status

Roman Kennke roman at
Thu Dec 6 12:48:07 UTC 2018

>> The submit repo was not working as expected last couple of days.
>> The main reason is that the "hg pull" operation was not able to complete succesfully because of the number of heads in the repository.
>> The submit repo hasn't been "cleaned" since it opened a year ago.
>> There are currently 406 (closed + normal) branches in the repo and most of them are “dead” (not active, but have not been closed).
>> It was decided to start "resetting" the jdk/submit repository regularly.
> Another possibility would be to automatically close branches which
> match a JBS ID once the corresponding change has been pushed to
> jdk/jdk (the same way JBS issues get "Resloved" automatically once the
> corresponding change gets pushed).

Yeah, *that* would seem most useful. I tried hard to exercise hygiene on
this, but it's easy to forget. A cron-job (or so) that queries all heads
and checks JBS ID, and closes branches for closed issues seems most
useful. Is that what is meant by resetting? I just hope it doesn't mean
we have to clone a fresh new jdk/submit every week/month or so..


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