NetBeans pre-build failed due to the incorrect configuration

Fu Jie fujie at
Thu Dec 27 12:56:22 UTC 2018

Hi all,

OpenJDK build with NetBeans failed during the pre-build process.
The reason is that configuration in 
make/nb_native/nbproject/configurations.xml is wrong.

The setting that leads to the failure is:
        <preBuildCommand>sh ../configure --with-debug-level=slowdebug 

Two pionts were wrong here:
  1) the path of configure script specified was incorrect which should 
just be "sh configure" instead of "sh ../configure".
  2) deprecated --disable-zip-debug-info was used which is now an 
unrecognized option.

The pre-build succeeded with the following configuration. For more 
info., see [1].
        <preBuildCommand>sh configure 

Further more, there are too many invalid items in 
make/nb_native/nbproject/configurations.xml. For example
This item is invalid since advancedThresholdPolicy.cpp had been removed 
from the project.
For more invalid items, see [2].

To fix the issues, make/nb_native/nbproject/configurations.xml needs to 
be updated. And I made a patch[3] for this.
Could anyone help to review it? Thank you!


Best regards,
Fu Jie

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