CFV: New OpenJDK Committer: Dmitry Chuyko

Dmitry Samersoff dms at
Wed Jul 11 18:00:21 UTC 2018

Hello Everybody,

I hereby nominate Dmitry Chuyko (dchuyko) to JDK Committer.

Dmitry has contributed 16 changes in various areas, most in AArch64
area, please see [3].

Votes are due by 15:00 UTC July 25, 2018.

Only current JDK Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination.
Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2].


8174818: bigapps/Weblogic12medrec fails with
assert(check_call_consistency(jvms, cg)) failed: inconsistent info
8166110: Inlining through MH invokers/linkers in unreachable code is unsafe
8171008: Integrate AOT compiler into JDK
8067744: XMM/SSE float register values corrupted by JNI_CreateVM call in
JRE 8 (Windows)
8000316: Huge performance bottleneck in
8205341: AARCH64: Clean up duplicate uzp1 & uzp2 instruction definition
8198719: MethodHandleHelper.linkToStatic should drop MH arg
8198293: AARCH64 - Add CPU detection code for Cavium Thunder X2
8191129: AARCH64: Invalid value passed to critical JNI function
8188221: Return type profiling is not performed from aarch64 interpreter
8191769: AARCH64: Fix hint instructions encoding
8189177: AARCH64: Improve _updateBytesCRC32C intrinsic
8190745: AARCH64: fix for JDK-8189176 may break a build
8189176: AARCH64: Improve _updateBytesCRC32 intrinsic
8189745: AARCH64: Use CRC32C intrinsic code in interpreter and C1
8186438: 'configure' fails to find installed libfreetype on Ubuntu AArch64


Dmitry Samersoff
* There will come soft rains ...

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