OpenJDK Project insatisfaction

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Fri Jun 1 16:15:50 UTC 2018

Any non trivial languages have a self hosting compiler, javac or gcc has been bootstrapped the same way.


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> Hello
> I have enrolled in this posting list to make receive to everybody my
> insatisfaction message (ohh)...
> I am 49 years old and I am in the IT Development world since the 80's...
> I started with Spectrum 64...
> I have learned Pascal, C, C++, SQL, Java, Javascript, and the list
> continues...
> And I like the JVM idea (multiplatform virtual machine architecture)
> But I got very dissapointed when I realized that to get OpenJDK from the
> source code, I have to install a previous JDK...
> This means that I cannot get JDK just from a source code and a external
> tool...
> So, I thought that JDK source code was useless... Because, If I have de
> JDK, why do I have to compile the JDK?... It is only worthy to make an
> upgrade... But... where is the seed? How can I get the initial seed?
> In C world the things are different... You can build everything in some few
> steps:
> 1) Get a OS (FreeDos or Minimal Linux)
>            ^----This is an Achilles heel...
> 2) Get an Asembler tool for that OS and CPU
>           ^----This is an Achilles heel...
> 3) Get an Assembler code for a C/C++ Compiler-Linker
> 4) Generate a C/C++ Compiler-Linker
> 5) Start Building C/C++ Compiler-Linker Better (DJGCC or GCC)
> 6) Build all the libraries you need
> 7) Create everything...
> That should include:
> 1) Java Clases and Libraries
> 1) JVM
> 2) javac
> 3) JDK complete
> Unfortunately... OpenJDK is not in this sequence...
> And I feel that is need to solve the gap...
> Because, now, source-code is useless (except for upgrade)
> I hope being able to express my idea clearly...
> And to convince somebody to review the current way of evolving... Because
> it have lost the connection with the origins.
> Regards,
> Emilio Aguilar Gutiérrez
> Software Engineer & IT Teacher

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