OpenJDK Project insatisfaction

Roman Kennke roman at
Fri Jun 1 19:22:56 UTC 2018

Hello Emilio,

OpenJDK was open sourced when JDK6 was already released as closed source
JDK. Back then it was indeed problematic to build it with only open
source tool chain, because of this chicken-and-egg problem. There have
been efforts to compile it with other Free Java implementations then,
using gcj or other GNU Classpath based compilers. However, nowadays this
does not seem necessary anymore because every major Linux distro ships
with a recent enough OpenJDK, and on other platforms there are pre-built
OpenJDK binaries to build OpenJDK as well. If you want to trace OpenJDK
to its origins you either have to dig through the somewhat tangled
history of Free Java, or ask Oracle to give you the very first source
code (in other words, forget it).


> I understand the benefit of proving a complier can regenerate itself...
> It is a great demostration of "non triviality"...
> But in relation with my concern... Everybody should also have access to the
> original compiler development... which was written in other language
> (because the targeted one did not existed yet).
> I would like to recover the first development source code of it.
> Then, I could have all the complet chain...
> 1- First JDK (perhaps written in C / C++)
> 2- JDK self compiled
> 3- All the next enhancements.
> But... without the point 1... the beginning is lost... and also any other
> beginning that could learn from the first one...
> Does anybody have the source code of OpenJDK 0.0 in a programming language
> other than Java?
> I am very interested....
> Thank a lot for your answers.
> Emilio Aguilar Gutiérrez
> 2018-06-01 17:15 GMT+01:00 Remi Forax <forax at>:
>> Any non trivial languages have a self hosting compiler, javac or gcc has
>> been bootstrapped the same way.
>> Rémi
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>>> Objet: OpenJDK Project insatisfaction
>>> Hello
>>> I have enrolled in this posting list to make receive to everybody my
>>> insatisfaction message (ohh)...
>>> I am 49 years old and I am in the IT Development world since the 80's...
>>> I started with Spectrum 64...
>>> I have learned Pascal, C, C++, SQL, Java, Javascript, and the list
>>> continues...
>>> And I like the JVM idea (multiplatform virtual machine architecture)
>>> But I got very dissapointed when I realized that to get OpenJDK from the
>>> source code, I have to install a previous JDK...
>>> This means that I cannot get JDK just from a source code and a external
>>> tool...
>>> So, I thought that JDK source code was useless... Because, If I have de
>>> JDK, why do I have to compile the JDK?... It is only worthy to make an
>>> upgrade... But... where is the seed? How can I get the initial seed?
>>> In C world the things are different... You can build everything in some
>> few
>>> steps:
>>> 1) Get a OS (FreeDos or Minimal Linux)
>>>            ^----This is an Achilles heel...
>>> 2) Get an Asembler tool for that OS and CPU
>>>           ^----This is an Achilles heel...
>>> 3) Get an Assembler code for a C/C++ Compiler-Linker
>>> 4) Generate a C/C++ Compiler-Linker
>>> 5) Start Building C/C++ Compiler-Linker Better (DJGCC or GCC)
>>> 6) Build all the libraries you need
>>> 7) Create everything...
>>> That should include:
>>> 1) Java Clases and Libraries
>>> 1) JVM
>>> 2) javac
>>> 3) JDK complete
>>> Unfortunately... OpenJDK is not in this sequence...
>>> And I feel that is need to solve the gap...
>>> Because, now, source-code is useless (except for upgrade)
>>> I hope being able to express my idea clearly...
>>> And to convince somebody to review the current way of evolving... Because
>>> it have lost the connection with the origins.
>>> Regards,
>>> Emilio Aguilar Gutiérrez
>>> Software Engineer & IT Teacher

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