New candidate JEP: 335: Deprecate the Nashorn JavaScript Engine

Darrel Ross at
Wed Jun 6 20:18:02 UTC 2018

If we remove Nashorn are we seeking to replace with something else (like
V8) or dropping support for running JavaScript in Java altogether?

I would be much more willing to give up Nashorn if it was going to be
replaced with something better, but I have worked on projects that would
have failed had we not been able to utilize Nashorn/Rhino.

It is a great way to integrate Java and JavaScript code.

Simply saying JavaScript is a fast changing environment is not, in my
opinion, an argument to drop support.   Tools like Babel exist to help make
the quickly changing landscape easier to navigate. I think a much stronger
solution would be to find ways to allow users to use these tools rather
than cut support altogether.

JavaScript is perhaps the most ubiquitous language in the programmer's
toolbox.  All a user needs to have installed is a browser to run it.  Java
being able to run it makes it a much stronger platform.  I am not saying
Java should seek to compete with Node, and would argue that a JS
application should probably not be run on the JRE, but there are strong use
cases for a hybrid approach.

If I am misreading the JEP please clarify.  But dropping a feature that
already exists, unless its existence prevents future development and
features, is hardly ever a good idea.

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