JDK-8204934 - OpenJDK - Windows - Digital Signatures

Steve Hruda steve.hruda at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 09:43:18 UTC 2018

two weeks ago I opened a issue at Oracle's bug database which was confirmed
and available at bugs.java.com & bugs.openjdk.java.net.


Now it seems that the issue was deleted without any feedback.

My questions was related to the digital signatures of the official OpenJDK

All OracleJDK's *.exe and *.dll files have a valid Digital Signature but
the same files of the OpenJDK doesn't have one.

*e.g.: *java.dll & java.exe

Is that on purpose or is that an open issue which will be solved at the
final OpenJDK 11 build?

I asking because some end-users will be protected by Microsoft's AppLocker
which provides the possibility to define a whitelist of digital signatures.
Which means that *.dll's & *.exe files without an signature would be

Best Regards,

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