Proposed schedule for JDK 12

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Thu Sep 27 23:16:53 UTC 2018

2018/9/13 16:01:19 -0700, philip.race at
> On 9/13/18, 3:41 PM, mark.reinhold at wrote:
>> With JDK 11 nearly out the door, here's a proposed schedule for JDK 12:
>>   2018/12/13  Rampdown Phase One
> I don't know the day counting algorithm, but why not 12/20 or thereabouts ?

12/20 is very close to a major holiday for many contributors, including
those who will do the fork from the main-line repository when RDP 1
begins.  Starting RDP 1 on 12/13 rather than 12/20 allows people to make
personal travel plans and, more generally, not be overly stressed about
work right before the holiday.  The JDK 10 schedule started RDP 1 at a
similar date (12/14), for the same reason.

> .. 12/13 seems to reducing the amount of time to get features in by a 
> week relative to RDP 2 + GA

If a feature doesn’t make it into JDK 12 then ... there’s always JDK 13.

I did notice a mistake in the schedule, though: RDP 2 was three weeks
long in JDK 10 and JDK 11, but it’s only two weeks long in JDK 12, and
the RC phase was five weeks (and five days) long in JDK 10 and JDK 11
but it’s six weeks (and five days) long in JDK 12.

This is easy to fix -- we just move the start of the RC phase out by one

  2018/12/13  Rampdown Phase One
  2019/01/17  Rampdown Phase Two
  2019/02/07  Release-Candidate Phase (changed; was 1/31)
  2019/03/19  General Availability

I’ll hold this thread open until 23:30 UTC next Thursday in case there
are further comments or objections.

- Mark

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