Future jdk9u updates & 9-critical-request

dalibor topic dalibor.topic at oracle.com
Wed Jan 31 12:47:58 UTC 2018

On 27.01.2018 11:23, Andrew Haley wrote:> That's really beside the 
point.  What went wrong, IMO, was that
> breaking changes were committed but the release was still made even
> though it was broken.

I think part of the challenge here are that the OpenJDK 9.0.4 release 
isn't broken on the platforms it was tested with and released on:

64 bit Windows, Linux and macOS on x86 architecture.

That's two platforms more than 9.0.1 was released on, fwiw, but still a 
long shot from all the platforms that are potentially included in the 
jdk9u forest's source code.

It's worth keeping in mind that the next jdk9u maintainer, assuming 
someone qualified steps up, might decide to focus their attention on an 
entirely different set of platforms.

So I think this is an interesting conversation to have, as it would also 
put constraints on how the next set jdk9u forest maintainers would need 
to act.

> If Oracle had needed an immediate security release they could have
> tagged and released with their own tag, but waited for an ack response
> from everyone else using the tree for the final GA release.

Rather than waiting for explicit responses from everyone else, which 
tends to be cumbersome in practice, one might consider

* using the critical approval process for P1 issues as before, 
specifically for changes resolving build issues on platforms that 
weren't tested as part of the release, and then

* tagging the next build of the last released version one or two weeks 
after GA

... in the current case that would be 9.0.4+12

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