Repository? -- How to keep JDK 10 up to date with changes in JDK 9 until JDK 9 GA?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Jan 2 09:28:38 UTC 2017

On 20/12/2016 23:54, joe darcy wrote:

> Hello,
> Returning to this topic, after additional consideration, I still think 
> we should start JDK 10 by hg pull'ing changes in from JDK 9. In other 
> words, adopt a forward-port rather than back-port policy, at least for 
> the time being.
> Under this model, engineers with a fix that had to go into both JDK 9 
> and JDK 10 would just push the fix into 9 and a separate periodic 
> process would sync the changes into 10.
> Comments?
This make sense to me, esp. since I would expect most people will be 
focused on fixing issues in JDK 9 for the next month or two at least. If 
you can keep significant refactoring changes out of JDK 10 for a month 
or two then it will make it easier or course but that might not be 
possible. The main thing is that once something is decided then it needs 
to be widely communicated to avoid issues such as the same change pushed 
to both jdk9/dev and jdk10/jdk10 as different changesets.


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