OpenJDK6 Repositories

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 8 15:35:37 PST 2008

                  OpenJDK6 Repositories!

This is our first cut at generating OpenJDK6 repositories:

You can browse all 7 repositories:

Or clone then, or do a forest clone to get the entire forest:

    hg fclone yourjdk6

  for more information on how to setup Mercurial and the forest extension).

Important Notes:
   * These should be treated as experimental and read-only, official ones should be next week
   * They should match the contents of the OpenJDK6 source bundles, except:
     - No control directory, these files are in the top repository now
     - Previously you had to 'cd control/make && gnumake', now just 'cd . && gnumake'
     - README-builds.html is in the top repository, it's movement has created
       a little confusion in the changesets, ultimately we will have one copy.
   * Contributed changes should be documented in the changeset comments,
     if the contribution information is missing please let me know
   * These repositories were created from the TeamWare workspaces and a set
     of patches and documentation on those patches, we may have to re-create them.
     If we re-create repositories again, the old ones will not be related
     to the new ones.  So any changesets you create with your clones
     should be viewed as temporary until the final repositories are put in place.
   * The hotspot repository may be completely replaced when we upgrade to HS14,
     so when that happens you may need to re-clone the hotspot repository.

Please let me know if you see anything wrong with these repositories.

The target date for official repositories is next week, once it is official
we can add more changesets to correct problems, but we can't go back and
change the changesets already created.


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