OpenJDK 6 build 12 source posted

Joseph D. Darcy Joe.Darcy at Sun.COM
Fri Sep 12 11:10:23 PDT 2008

Somewhat later than anticipated, the source bundle for OpenJDK 6 build 
12 is available for download from:

There are a few changes of note in this build:

* An updated version of Gervill is included. [1]

* Functionality of several IcedTea patches which correct JCK failures 
have been applied. [2]

* I've ported fixes from the forthcoming 6u10 release in the corba, 
jaxp, jaxws, and langtools areas to OpenJDK 6. [3]

* Various build fixes, including the gcc ciTypeFlow.cpp issue. [4]

* Corrected more legal notices. [5]

* Configuration information for some networking tests can now be 
provided as a properties files specified on the jtreg command line. [6]

* Assorted other fixes. [7]

While the changes in this build have corrected a number of JCK 6b test 
failures, a handful of tests still fail; eliminating those few 
remaining  failures is a goal for the next build or two.

Internally, the code for OpenJDK 6 is split into teamware workspaces 
with a similar structure to the JDK 7 Mercurial repositories (corba, 
jaxp, jaxws, langtools, jdk, etc.).  For a subset of those component 
workspaces, I've brought over the fixes in those areas from 6u10.  
OpenJDK 6 build 12 will be one of the last teamware-based OpenJDK 6 
builds before we transition to a public Mercurial repository.  Around 
the time of the Mercurial transition we will also upgrade the HotSpot in 
OpenJDK 6 from HotSpot 10 to HotSpot 11; HotSpot 11 is also being used 
in 6u10.  From that point on, the same HotSpot sources will be used for 
both OpenJDK 6 and the 6 update releases.

I expect the next build within a few weeks with the Mercurial repository 
to follow a few weeks after that.


[1] OpenJDK 6 build 12 uses a version of Gervill from late August 2008.
6717691 Update Gervill with post 1.0 fixes
6740210 Update Gervill with more post 1.0 fixes

[2] The patches used to fix these two bugs were contributed by Keith 
Seitz and Tom Fitzsimmons:

6735154 Apply IcedTea Color.createContext patch
6733501 Apply IcedTea little cms patches [Alexey.Ushakov at Sun.COM]

They correspond to the three IcedTea patches:

icedtea-color-createcontext.patch Add support for a PaintContext to 
icedtea-lcms-leak.patch: Fix LCMS memory leak.
icedtea-LCMS-setTagData.patch: Add support for setTagData to LCMS peer.

[3] The follow bug fixes were ported from 6u10 into OpenJDK 6.


6372405 Server thread hangs when fragments don't complete because of 
connection abort
5104239 Java: thread deadlock
6191561 JCK15: 
sometime hang
6486322 org.omg.CORBA.ORB.init() thread safety issue
6465377 Null pointer exception with RMI ORB in 1.5.0_08
6553303 Corba application fails w/ org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: vmcid: 
SUN minor code: 203 completed: No
6372405 Server thread hangs when fragments don't complete because of 
connection abort
6438259 Wrong repository ID generated by IDL


6573268 Four JCK-devtools-6a tests report OOM: Java Heap space since 
JDK7 b14
6738894 Merge jaxp fixes from 6 update train into OpenJDK 6

 jaxws (JAF 1.1.1)

6538484 Fix JAF in Turkish locale
6699090 Avoid NPE if parse fails in isMimeTypeEqual, do a string 
comparison instead


6627362 javac generates code that uses array.clone, which is not 
available on JavaCard
6627364 javac needs Float and Double on the bootclasspath even when not 
directly used
6627366 javac needs Cloneable and Serializable on the classpath even 
when not directly used
6176978 current Javadoc's invocation and extension (Doclet) mechanisms 
are problematic

[4] Build fixes:

6732815 CORBA_2_3 java sources not explicitly compiled
6734545 Corrections to missing explicit corba sources on javac compile lines
6590549 Cygwin build of OpenJDK has problems and not very well documented
6720240 IOB exception when getting font metrics of hershey font
6548261 Use of SE in make/common/Defs-windows.gmk
6681798 (build) fails to compile in openjdk6 on 
ubutu 8.04
6741642 Crash in ciTypeFlow.cpp (see icedtea-hotspot-citypeflow.patch)

[5] Licensing fixes:

6635663 make/tools/AutoMulti/{AutoMulti,TestALFGenerator}.java still 
generate files with wrong legal notices
6719182 update legal notice in java/lang/instrument/package.html

[6] See the source of jdk/test/ for details on how to set 
the networking configuration without modifying the test sources.

6720349 (ch) Channels tests depending on hosts inside Sun

[7] Other fixes:

6681889 JSN security test headline/noWarningApp failed with NPE exception
6739302 Check that deserialization preserves EnumSet integrity
6730743 (tz) Support tzdata2008e

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