Official repositories at

Kelly O'Hair Kelly.Ohair at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 4 15:38:49 PST 2009

Freshly generated and officially final jdk6 repositories have been placed at

Source content wise they are the same as before with a few minor differences:
   * Some changeset comments have changed
     - the Contributed-by lines were corrected
   * The file .jcheck/conf was added to configure the jcheck extension
     that verifies changesets. (More details on this soon)
   * Some files had execute permissions removed (a bug).

Mercurial repositories gain an identity when first created, so if you
try and pull into the old repositories it will say something like:

    repository is unrelated

If you have made changes or created changesets in the old repositories,
you will need to save them and re-apply them to the new repositories.
You can probably use 'hg bundle' and 'hg import' to move changesets,
or look into the ConvertExtension.

My apologies in that I know way back in December I said:
    "These should be treated as experimental and read-only,
     official ones should be next week"

Obviously, "next week" was a bit off.

Expect some more email or blogs from Joe and Mark on these new repositories.
We look forward to finally getting this into a state where we can start
seeing contributions flowing in.


P.S. Next time I'll say "2 weeks"

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