6-open putback request: 6948909 and 6948803

Weijun Wang Weijun.Wang at Sun.COM
Sun May 23 18:31:10 PDT 2010

Hi Joe

webrev updated:


On May 22, 2010, at 5:22 AM, Joe Darcy wrote:

> For test/sun/security/validator/CertReplace.java, I recommend using a different kind of InputStream to pass the certificate rather than a FileInputStream.  For example, a ByteInputStream would allow a byte array to hold the (now binary) contents of the certificate file test/sun/security/validator/certreplace.jks.

I've put all data in test/sun/security/validator/CertReplace.java. The binary one now a byte[], and ASCII one a string.

> For test/sun/security/tools/jarsigner/diffend.sh, I strongly encourage this to be rewritten as a Java program.

The test calls zip, unzip and jarsigner commands. It might be possible to convert all calls into Java methods but the result will be quite complicated and not easy to read. Almost all security tools tests are written as shell scripts.

> For both webrevs, please manually make sure the copyright dates are correct.


And yes, both bugs have already been fixed in openjdk-7, changesets pushed into the TL forest.


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