OpenJDK6 End Of Life

Andrew Haley aph at
Sat Oct 1 08:14:06 UTC 2016

OpenJDK6 is reaching the end of the road.  Oracle's JDK 6 had
its last public update in 2013, and I took over the leadership
role in OpenJDK 6 in March of that year.  But it's looking
decidedly old now, and we should persuade people to move to
something more recent.

Since I took over the lead we've maintained OpenJDK 6, back-porting
important bug fixes and some updates, but I think the time has now
come to say goodbye.  We can't maintain it for ever, and we've been
strongly recommending people to move to a more recent release for some

With all that in mind, I intend to resign leadership of OpenJDK 6 at
the end of his year.  If any appropriately-qualified person wishes to
take over the project leadership, they may apply to do so.  However, I
expect that the OpenJDK 6 project will quietly end.

OpenJDK 6 EOL: December 31, 2016.


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