Suggestions for Java Generics Semantics in Java Version 7.0 _ Resurrected

Neal Gafter neal at
Thu Jun 18 08:33:50 PDT 2009

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 6:47 AM, Jaisimha Narahari <jcnarahari at>wrote:

> 3. It has been made quite clear to me that a lot of experts have put their
> considerable
>      efforts and time behind this.  Yet the issue seems to be one that
> holds promise,
>      and if the experts in Sun and other places think so, let there be a
> new JSR
>     for just this, since JDK7 does not seem to the release that can
> achieve Reification of
>      Generics, due to the complexity arising from both Backwards
> Compatibility and
>      Migration Compatibility, with Deprecation of Raw Types seemingly not
> serving
>      anybody's interest

Sun is doing nothing to obstruct the creation of that JSR.  On the other
hand, neither you nor anybody else seems to have come forward to lead such
an effort.  If this is important enough to you, you should organize the
millions of other users to whom this is important, chip in a dollar each,
and hire someone who can make it happen.

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