OpenJDK java vendor property value changes

Kelly O'Hair kelly.ohair at
Fri Sep 17 18:54:34 PDT 2010

Heads up.

The jdk7 java vendor property values will be changing very soon.

 From these values:
   java.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.
   java.vendor.url =
   java.vm.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.
   java.specification.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.
   java.vm.specification.vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc.

To these:
   java.vendor = Oracle Corporation
   java.vendor.url =
   java.vm.vendor = Oracle Corporation
   java.specification.vendor = Oracle Corporation
   java.vm.specification.vendor = Oracle Corporation

The change to the jdk repository is under review:

   6946527: rebranding system properties per Oracle Requirements  

The hotspot changes for java.vm.vendor are currently in the hotspot-rt  
repository forest
and will be integrated soon into the jdk7 master forest (jdk7/jdk7):

   6981753: Rebrand vm vendor property settings

Once we have a jdk7 promoted build with these changes some additional  
email will be
sent out.


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