jdk7-b112: Hotspot

Erik Trimble erik.trimble at oracle.com
Tue Sep 28 13:47:10 PDT 2010

  Build 01 of Hotspot 20 has been integrated to the RE master repository 
for Build 112 of JDK7.


Please note that there are more CRs included in this build than 
mentioned in the PIT. I'm working to resolve the issue of the "missing" 


Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 09:27:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: WebServer Reserved UID<webservd at csgweb.sfbay.sun.com>
Subject: PIT results: VM, 1.7.0-b112: Go for Integration
To:David.Cox at sun.com,Ekaterina.Pavlova at sun.com,erik.trimble at sun.com,
         hotspot-gk at sun.com,hotspot-test at sun.com,pit_sqe at sun.com
Message-id:<201009281627.o8SGR2VN029543 at csgweb.SFBay.Sun.COM>

Component : VM
Status    : 0 major failures, 0 minor failures
Date      : 09/28/2010 at 09:25
Tested By : VM SQE&  Leonid.Mesnik at sun.com
Cost(total man-days): 1

Workspace : /java/jdk/ws/hotspot/ws/master
Bundles   : /net/jprt-web/jprt/archive/2010/09/2010-09-24-083211.et151817.hs20b01-ci
Platforms :
Solaris Sparc 11(32), -client
Solaris Sparc 11(32), -server
Solaris Sparc 10(32), -client
Solaris Sparc 10(32), -server
Solaris x86 11(32), -client
Solaris x86 11(32), -server
Solaris x86 10(32), -client
Solaris x86 10(32), -server
WinXP Prof(32), -client
WinXP Prof(32), -server
WinXP Home(32), -client
WinXP Home(32), -server
Windows Vista 32 bit, -client
Windows Vista 32 bit, -server
Windows Vista 64 bit, -client
Windows Vista 64 bit, -server
RH AS4.0 (32), -client
RH AS4.0 (32), -server
SuSE SLES 8(32), -client
SuSE SLES 8(32), -server

Tests     : /net/sqenfs-1.sfbay/export1/comp/vm/testbase
Browsers  : NA
Patches   : NA
Logs      :http://sqeweb.sfbay.sun.com/nfs/results/vm/gtee/HSX/PIT/VM/hs20/b01/jdk7b112/
Number of Tests Executed : 261049 product tests, 0 unit tests, 0 tck tests

Bug verification status:
  Tested, Pass:
6870851: Bad frame_chop in StackMapTable crashes JVM (possible DoS attack)
6885308: The incorrect -XX:StackRedPages, -XX:StackShadowPages, -XX:StackYellowPages could cause VM crash
6912064: type profiles need to be exploited more for dynamic language support
6941275: G1: The MemoryPools are incorrectly supported for G1
6942092: Loader-constraint test is failing against 1.5.0u24b06-hsx
6965815: OptimizeStringConcat: assert(!q->is_MergeMem()) failed with specjbb2000
6969586: OptimizeStringConcat: SIGSEGV in LoadNode::Value()
6974813: JVM needs to use demand loading for its DTrace probes
6978300: G1: debug builds crash if ParallelGCThreads==0
6980206: G1: assert(!has_undefined_max_size, "Undefined max size");
6980262: Memory leak when exception is thrown in static initializer
6980392: TEST_BUG: gc/6581734/Test6581734.java has typo
6981746: G1: SEGV with -XX:+TraceGen0Time
6981773: incorrect fill value with OptimizeFill
6982370: SIGBUS in jbyte_fill
6982533: Crash in  ~StubRoutines::jbyte_fill with AggressiveOpts enabled
6982921: assert(_entry_bci != InvocationEntryBci) failed: wrong kind of nmethod
6983320: Fork HS19 to HS20 - renumber Major and build numbers of JVM
6984368: Large default heap size does not allow to use zero based compressed oops.

  Tested, Pass (partial fixes):

  Tested, Fail:

  Untested bug fixes:
     Setup is not available:
6765718: Indicate which thread throwing OOME when generating the heap dump at OOME
6896381: CTW fails share/vm/ci/bcEscapeAnalyzer.cpp:99, assert(_stack_height<  _max_stack,"stack overflow")
6910183: CMS: assert(_index<  capacity(),"_index out of bounds")
6975210: java.lang.VerifyError in some of JCK tests
6976400: "Meet Not Symmetric" with UseCompressedStrings enabled
6979444: add command line option to print command line flags descriptions
6980978: assert(mt == t->xmeet(this)) failed: meet not commutative
6984056: C1: incorrect code for integer constant addition on x64
     Build change only:
6745744: ConnectException: Connection refused in closed/compiler/6507107/HeapwalkingTest.java
6984346: Remove development code in type.hpp
6987149: Fix incorrect Oracle copyright header in make/templates files

  New bugs filed:
     Bugs in PIT build:
6981753: Rebrand vm vendor property settings

     Bugs in earlier promoted build:

Number of PIT requested: 1
Integration target J2SE build number: 1.7.0-b112

Issues and Notes:
   This is HS 20 b01 PIT for JDK 7 b112.
 From VM SQE&  Leonid.Mesnik at sun.com

Erik Trimble
Java System Support
Mailstop:  usca22-123
Phone:  x17195
Santa Clara, CA

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